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13 Practical Beauty Tools That Should Be On Your Dorm Room Checklist

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Nikki Brown
Aug, 31, 2017 8:08 PM UTC

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You may lose all of them by the end of semester, but your arsenal simply isn't complete without them. 

$3 available at Target

Scrub your brushes against this elevated surface to remove buildup and oil from your overused tools. 

$15 available at Kohl's

You'll need a place to store your DIY hair concoctions. 

$1 available at Amazon

Attach this diffuser to your blowdryer and prepare for dry and more importantly--frizz free-- curls. 

$50 available at Sephora

This old fave is renowned for its ability to help prevent oil buildup on the scalp, all while stimulating blood flow as you brush back your strands.  

$9 available at Amazon

This travel sized four piece set a mini ionic blowdryer, curling wand and flat iron for all your heat styling needs. 

$139 available at Target

This makeup sponge comes equipped with a sleek handle so you don't have to worry about smearing product all over your hands. 

$11 available at Ulta

Part and detangle your hair an infinite amount of ways with this epic kit. 

$3 available at Target

Use your foundation to the last drop with this handy tool, that reaches to the bottom of your product bottle so nothing goes to waste. 

$6 available at Makeup Spatty

If you're going to invest in makeup brushes, make sure they're cute enough to display in your dorm room. 

$20 available at Target

Duckbill clips are a godsend when you're working on a twist out or straightening your hair. 

$6 available at Amazon

This multipurpose tool can house everything from bobby pins to DIY recipes or good old fashioned water. 

$8 available at Amazon

Perfect your blow out with this sleek ceramic brush, that doesn't heat beyond a safe 365 degrees. 

$150 available at Foxy Bae