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Just Like Mama: How These Black Moms Talk To Their Children About Natural Hair

LaTonya Yvette of Brooklyn says her children, 7-year-old daughter River and 4-year-old son Oak, love her natural hair. “We are a family of curls—their dad also has curls. I think they feel connected to my hair and their hair more because mine is wild and crazy, too.” While her children, who are half Black and White, have always been natural, Yvette, 28, says it wasn’t until she gave birth to River that she decided to give up perming her locks. “I got my first relaxer when I was 11, after I begged my mom endlessly for it,” she says. “Looking back, I [realize I] didn’t need it.” Now Yvette, a fashion stylist and creator of the lifestyle blog latonyayvette.com, describes her natural tresses as “an extension of who I am.” She and her kids wash and style their curls together as a family. At one point, “I noticed Oak was getting frustrated when I did River’s hair in the morning, so I started including him,” she says. “He puts cream in her hair, and I comb. Then she puts cream in his.”
By Essence · August 2, 2018

Four moms share the love for their natural hair and how they are passing on that deep appreciation to their children.