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How To Keep Extensions From Destroying Your Edges

Extensions are an easy way to keep your hair protected for weeks on end while creating fun and versatility in your routine. The drawback, like most protective styling, comes with the constant tugging of the hair, particularly at your edges! The softer hairs nearest your forehead are susceptible to a lot of strain and damage when braiding and depending on the stylist, hair type or length of time worn, can really destroy the naturally thin area. Routine cleansing, deep conditioning, and even taking hair supplements are some best practices for keeping your hair full and healthy, but when sporting extensions, taking extra care of your edges becomes a lot more important. Check out these best practices while rocking your favorite weave and ensure your edges are laid and more importantly, healthy! 

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By Alexis Webb · November 30, 2016

The hair you decide to wear should be great quality. Lower grade hair lasts a shorter amount of time and can contribute to allergic reactions on your scalp. 

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Start pro-actively and ask your stylist not to go extra tight with the braids; that way your scalp can get a little breathing room. You can also gel down the edges you don't want touched beforehand to prevent even more tugging. 

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Extensions should only last about 2-3 months before taking them out, removing the braids underneath and washing. Your hair needs oxygen delivered to the scalp to grow healthfully, and a good wash is always important! 


Jamaican castor oil will quickly become your friend while wearing extensions. The thick, nourishing consistency will restore and protect your hair while helping it grow in fuller. 

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Use a weave cap or net when getting your extensions sewn in. That way you're putting the needle directly to your own hair and have some space for moisture and growth. 

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Ponytails create a lot of extra tension on the hair and since it will already be braided tightly under your extensions, don’t add any extra strain! 


Satin hair caps are all the rage in the natural hair community, and for good reason! The satin lined cap is best for keeping your hair contained in an environment that promotes moisture retention.

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Let’s face it: we don’t always make it to bed with our head wrapped, so go the extra mile and invest in silk pillowcases. They’re great for resting your head all night, without the worry of dry or brittle hair the next morning. 

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  1. Before you go buying the cheapest edge control, make sure they have benefits for growing and nourishing your tight edges (they will thank you later). 

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Alcohol free is always the way to go when purchasing any hair product, but especially when buying gels. Gels already have a dry consistency, so be sure you aren’t drying your hair out further with the extra ingredient.