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10 Standout Etsy Cuffs and Beads To Wrap Around Your Protective Style

Any of these baubles would level up your braids, locs or twists. 

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By Jennifer Ford · July 12, 2017

Protective styling is warm weather approved, low maintenance and vacation-friendly. It’s no wonder everyone from high profile celebs to our BFFs rock them throughout the summer season.  

One surefire way to standout is by customizing your crown with beads and cuffs. When it comes down to accessorizing your mane, there’s plenty of options that’ll boost your protective style personality.

To up your summer hair swag, shop these unique finds we spotted on Etsy!

This feature originally appeared in the August 2017 Issue of ESSENCE Magazine.

Deck out your braids with this 50 piece wooden bead set featuring intricate patterns.

$6 available at Etsy

This eccentric handmade wire cuff is definitely going to make heads turn.

$19+ available at Etsy

Channel your inner queen with a gold or silver version of this royal cuff. 

$8 available at Etsy

This adjustable spiral cuff is best for medium to large braids.

$8 available at Etsy

This unique set of cowery shells can be worn on both braids and locs.

$8 available at Etsy

Prepare to catch all the feels while wearing these lovey dovey cuffs. 

$8 available at Etsy

If you get bored with reflective hardware, switch up your style with this 15-piece set of fabric cuffs. 

$10 available at Etsy

This jeweled cuff is an elegant take on the hair bling. 

$14 available at Etsy

Fashion and beauty are the perfect match. 

$9 available at Etsy

Wrap one or one hundred of these gold and silver cuffs around your protective style for instant bling.   

$3+ available at Etsy