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20 Elaborate Braid Designs You'll Want To Try In 2017

With less than month left in 2016, it's time to think about how you'll level up your hair game for the New Year. Braids are always an option. Although the install takes some time, they're relatively low maintenance and in short: the epitome of effortless beauty. If you want a design that leaves everyone asking, "where'd you get that done?!," Instagram is a great place to start for inspiration. These elaborate braid designs are definitely getting us excited to make a change. 

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By Nikki Brown · December 2, 2016

This woman elevated her chestnut brown braids by styling into a high ponytail. 

@the_tei_touch/ instagram

This beautiful mohawk is proof that sometimes, the teeniest braids can make a huge impact. 

@nmdc_makeup/ instagram

This fishtail braid looks expert level, thanks to the blonde strands. 

@_jazitup/ instagram

These criss-cross goddess braids are super regal. 

@naturally_ci/ instagram

Now, this is how you upgrade a basic ponytail. 

@voiceofhair/ instagram

This intricate design leaves room for her natural texture to shine through--love it! 

@loopsalon/ instagram

This braided style looks breathtaking from every angle. 

@steph_odia/ instagram

This regal bun is the perfect mix of braids and twists. 

@styledbytiffany3/ instagram

Who says you can't have braids and beautiful curls at the same time?

@klassykinks/ instagram

These purple plaits are worthy of your obsession. 

@iamglamfreak/ instagram

This jumbo braid styled into a high ponytail is epic! And it definitely reminds us of the look sported by Beyonce at this year's TIDAL concert. 

@voiceofhair/ instagram

A touch of red and wavy-patterned braids take this look to the next level. 


These side swept mini braids are stunning. 


Sleek goddess braids are always a good choice! 

@makeupmariaaa_/ instagram

This braided ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for a gal who's always on the go. 

@mlkendeck/ instagram

We're getting serious mermaid vibes from these beautiful blue braids. 


Wear your crown proudly with this genius hairstyle that combines braids and curls. 

@kienyabooker/ instagram

These blonde braids are definitely a must if you love rose gold anything. 

@ravenelyse/ instagram

Look close and you can see the perfect brown shade of her goddess braids. 

@8thwonderhair/ instgrarm

Jet black braids always look fierce. 

@jazminenicolee/ instagram