21 Ways To Rocks Braids With Beads

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Nikki Brown
May, 17, 2017 4:04 PM UTC

What do cornrows, box braids, microbraids and every other variation from the braided family have in common? Besides the fact that are all viable options for protective styling, each look can also be accessorized with beads.

Black women have been adorning their hair in these decorative baubles for centuries and thankfully, the long-standing tradition continues to evolve. Celebrities like Patrice Rushen and Solange Knowles provide plenty of high profile inspo for braided beads, but in 2017, we’re just as enamored with the styles we continue to screenshot on our Instagram feeds.

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If you’re considering the standout ‘do for summer, get inspired by these breathtaking beauties below. 

Why rock a regular bob when you can style it into braids with colorful baubles on the ends?


Earth-toned beads are a great way to play up your summer glow.


Of course, be sure to pair your beaded 'do with an equally fierce makeup look. 


Have fun mixing and matching different shaped beads to your liking. 


Beaded braids also leave room for versatile styles, including the always chic high ponytail. 


One braid down the middle of your beaded look will add symmetry to the face. 


Don't feel pressured to braid your entire look. There are a plethora of chic styles that only require a few. 


Top knots will save your 'do once the weather warms up. 


You can also rock them straight back, all while creating cool patterns throughout the top of your head. 


Be sure to keep your beads out while rocking a headwrap. 


Beaded bangs give off major rockstar vibes. 


Braids in motion make for the best photos. 


Pigtails aren't reserved for your childhood days. 


You'll be a standout in beads that cover well over half of each braid. 


Frame the face with beads if you're really going for a bold look. 


An off center part is never a bad idea. 

@_beautifulpeace/ instagram

Brown beads with intricate patterns are super regal. 


When you can't make up your mind, compromise with a half-up, half-down style. 


Truly, a hairstyle fit for a queen. 

@annedereaux/ instagram

And of course, vibrant hair color will only make your beads even more fab. 


Beaded to the max! 

@getitfrommymamma/ instagram