10 Moisturizing Products To Keep Natural Hair Healthy and Hydrated

Best Products for Dry Hair
Samantha Callender
Mar, 09, 2018 3:03 PM UTC

Winter often strips hair of the moisture that it needs to remain strong and healthy. If you struggle with wintertime dryness, the key to restoring hydration in both natural and processed hair is to make sure that it’s conditioned and oiled at all times.

We’ve found a few treats that leave the hair soft and hydrated so that you can maintain healthy, moisturized hair all year long. 

Combining the hydrating effects of both heavy cream and oil, strands are infused with moisture and hydration.

$26 available at Curl Smith

This treatment is full of ingredients that repair damaged and dry hair, including keratin, aloe vera, and soy protein.

$35 available at Context

This rich conditioner infuses the strands with manuka honey to soften and strengthen and maintain moisture.

$5.99 available at Target

Use this mist to add some instant hydrating moisture to curls.

available at Flora Curl

This deep conditioner soaks into hair to quench the thirst of dried out strands.

$15.99 available at Gorgeously Kinky

Providing deep hydration to the roots, this mask revitalizes hair that has lost its shine and softness due to dehydration.

$24 available at Amazon

This cream full of cold pressed nutrients fortifies tresses and infuses them with raw ingredients to help moisturize and protect.

$12.99 available at Juci Roots

Use this balm that uses Irisome 4600PPM that protects the hair from drying out from the elements or from heat use.

$31 available at Amazon

Using mango butter, this conditioner seals and locks in moisture from root to tip.

$17.99 available at Koils By Nature

This butter cream is perfect for providing and locking in moisture to hair, especially natural curls and strands.

$18.99 available at Amazon