15 Beautiful Black Women Flaunting Their Glorious 4C Coils

Nikki Brown
Nov, 23, 2016 4:04 PM UTC

This beauty is fall fresh with her voluminous fro and dark lipstick. 


Her brown and black coils are beautiful! 

@naturallyelite/ instagram

Her curls are poppin'. 


Her fluffy up-do is effortless. 


Loving her short, textured coif! 


Her fro is flourishing!


Her chestnut coils are hair goals. 

@itsmiconich/ instagram

We say "yas" to this short cut and the vibrant color. 

@ilovealimara/ instagram

Her ponytail is giving us life! 

@oh_brandelah / instagram

Simply beautiful. 

@jouelzy/ instagram

Obsessed with this haircut and her coils. 

@itsdaynadane/ instagram

Her hairstyle's giving us carefree chic vibes. 

@harjessi/ instagram

Her glorious fro and red lipstick are the perfect combo! 

@naturallyfashionable/ instagram

Sun-drenched coils.

@officialbisolaidowu/ instagram

She's camera ready! 

@untangled_n_tamed/ instagram