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What I Screenshot This Week: The Chic Little Suitcase That Made Me Reevaluate How I Travel

Shop these small luggage options that pack a huge punch for your summer excursions!

Smart Birdy Luggage Instagram/SmartBirdy
By Dominique Hobdy · June 9, 2017

I’ll be honest —being a fashion editor and a master at packing are not one in the same.

When it comes to getting ready for a trip, I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that I’m more of a ‘throw everything in there and hope for the best’ type of girl.

I’ve been known to pack the night before an island vacation and it’s simply because there is no rhyme or reason to my methods. I pretty much throw all of my rompers, shorts, dresses and sandals in the bag and call it a day — because a woman needs options.

So when I came across this post from luggage company Smart Birdy I was instantly intrigued. After audibly exclaiming,”HOW?!” I began to call my packing madness into question.

No doubt a bag like this would cause me to do a bit more planning, but I’d essentially get everything I need into a chic little carry on.

The super stylish Smart Birdy ranges from $599-$849, however there are plenty of small bags that back a big punch on the market.

If you’re ready to upgrade your traveling game this summer, shop these cute and practical luggage options below!

$135 available at Nordstrom
$50 available at C21 Stores
$125 available at Nordstrom
$178.00 available at Vera Bradley