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Beyonce Wore This Nigerian Designer’s Stunning Suit Last Week and You Can Too

Courtesy of beyonce.com
By Dominique Hobdy · February 21, 2019

If you’re a card-carrying member of the Beyhive, you know fans live for an Instagram slay by the one and only, Beyonce. Lately, Mrs. Carter has been delivering a slew of outfit posts worthy of a swift double tap, save, and a group chat conversation.

Last week, the Queen missed no beats when she delivered yet another a stunning look that sent us reeling.

Do you see that hat? That print? There’s no way to describe it other than epic.

We’re so grateful that stylist Zerina Akers shared the deets on this look, revealing that it’s the genius work of Houston-based Nigerian designer EnaGancio. Lucky for us, not only are EnaGancio’s designs accessible via Etsy, they’re fairly inexpensive considering they’re detailed African-printed looks.

While Beyonce’s exact ensemble isn’t featured on the site, EnaGancio has some treasures that we’d like to get our hands on.

Check out our picks from the EnaGancio shop below!

MIMIDOO plunge dress, $140.00, etsy.com

Courtesy of Etsy
$140 available at enagancio.etsy.com

Kazumi wide leg pants suit, $195.00, etsy.com

Courtesy of Etsy
$195 available at enagancio.etsy.com

Ochanya maxi dress (Rabi), $150.00, etsy.com

Courtesy of Etsy
$150 available at enagancio.etsy.com

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