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Atlanta Based Creative OHSO Is The New Face Of The Reebok Zig Kinetica

Her biggest campaign yet.
By Nandi Howard · February 21, 2020

Reebok’s ZigTech technology, originally introduced on 2010’s ZigPulse silhouette, set a new standard for innovation, function and disruptive design. Transcending its performance-based origin, Zig Kinetica fuses innovative sports tech with sleek style to create a highly functional shoe that seamlessly transitions from the gym to street style. Ahead of its launch, Reebok tapped the Atlanta based DJ, OHSO to pose for its new campaign. “Reebok is such a great company to work with especially because I feel like they rolled out the red carpet for me,” OHSO told ESSENCE.

The iconic sneaker is built around a distinct zigzag-shaped, energy-return sole that channels and returns kinetic energy using a three-part system. Priced at $120, you can purchase the Zig Kinetica at  reebok.com. ESSENCE got a chance to chat with OHSO about her new partnership with Reebok. Read below.

“To me it’s like I’m a boss, I’m performing, I’m the headliner for a lot of these events that I get to DJ at, and you need to carry yourself like a boss,” – OHSO

ESSENCE: How does it feel to be picked by Reebok to star in this campaign?

OHSO: It’s still pretty surreal. I think that being recognized as a whole, I’m very humbled by it. And I think that just knowing all the possibilities that are going to come with this. I’m really grateful just to have the opportunity to be part of it. It’s probably the biggest campaign that I’ve been a part of, for sure.

ESSENCE: Do you have a different style aesthetic when you’re djing from when you’re not?

OHSO: Absolutely. At the end of the day, I love fashion. I think that getting dressed is a great way to express who you are and your personality. I’m a very, very big tomboy. I’ve always been like that since I was a kid. So now it’s adding the more feminine elements to my outfit, even if it’s a dress, I might be wearing sneakers. Or if I’m wearing heels, you might be seeing me wear heels and sweat pants or something. When it comes to me doing an event, I’m usually just trying to amplify my look in those situations. To me it’s like I’m a boss, I’m performing, I’m the headliner for a lot of these events that I get to DJ at, and you need to carry yourself like a boss.

ESSENCE: Where is the best place to wear the Zig Kinetica?

OHSO: It’s a comfortable shoe, especially if you’re going to the airport. I’m wearing them at the airport, I’m wearing them for a gig, I’m wearing them out even if it’s just groceries. I love the color waves. It’s just a nice little pop of color on the shoes. So I think that you can wear it anywhere.