Dime Finds of the Week: Stunning Statement Rings Under $50

Jewelry Hannan Selah
Patrice J. Williams
May, 10, 2016 8:08 PM UTC

From giant stones to art work inspired pieces, these rings aren't for the faint of heart.

Wilian Rings, $15: You could wear this trio of rings separately, but really amp it up by rocking all three at the same time.

Bling Jewelry Double Armor Ring, $36: Some full finger rings can be impracticable, but this one has a hinged joint that lets your finger bend freely.

Glori Joy Rainbow Quartz Wire Wrapped Ring, $25: With the intricately wrapped wire and crystal that tops out at almost an inch, this is like having a chic glacier on your finger.

Lucky Brand Gold-Tone Statement Ring, $35: Remember the mood rings you wore back in the day? This is the grown up version. 

Thalia Sodi Gold-Tone Ring, $13: With fringe, crystal and a stone, this ring has a lot going for it.

JoJo Rings Fearless Collection, $35: Made from recycled keys, these are perfect for the eco-friendly diva who wants a one-of-a kind accessory.

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Sole Society Deco Statement Ring, $25: Channel The Great Gatsby with this art décor inspired piece.

RLM Bronze Wrap Front Ring, $40: This sculptural design is like having a piece of artwork on your finger.

Topshop Shaker Ball Ring, $9: This playful option includes a ball full of crystal gems. Dare you not to shake it all day!