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Accessories Street Style: 9 Fashionistas That Are Up to Their Necks in Style

A good neckpiece can take an outfit from 0-100 in no time! We've captured some ladies that know all about this trick. It's time to take some style notes ladies!

Stunning Neckpiece
By Dominique Hobdy Photos by Hannan · June 10, 2015

Yasss! We're not sure if it's the stunning red, pop of silver or a combination of both that makes this look everything but it's defintely working! 

Talk about eye-catching! This beaded collar is the perfect compliment to a simple and chic black tee. 

Who says you have to fit in the jewelry box? Break the mold with a neckpiece that will surely turn heads. 

This bright colored collar reminds us of the motherland and takes her outfit to the next level. 

The beading and fringe detail on this necklace are the makings of the perfect neckpiece. We love!  

All we can think of is sunrays when it comes to this gorgeous necklace paired with a bright yellow top. 

This eclectic neckpiece breaks the mold and meshes with an already extravegant ensemble. 

There are no ruffled feathers over here! This more-is-more look is not for the faint of heart. 

Hannan Saleh

Why quit when you're ahead? This grand necklace goes the distance. 

Hannan Saleh