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After 'The Bobby Brown Story' We're Dying To See These 12 Biopics

There are quite a few talented stars, and groups with a legacy, that are ready for the Hollywood treatment.
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By Sydney Scott · September 7, 2018

After the success of BET’s The Bobby Brown Story—and previously The New Edition Story—we’d be lying if we said we weren’t dying for more biopics.

Based on R&B star Bobby Brown’s 2016 memoir Every Little Step, The Bobby Brown Story, which premiered earlier this week, dove into the former bad boy’s tumultuous relationships, addictions, and incredible career.

The drama of the mini-series, and highlights of Brown’s career, recently got us thinking that there are quite a few acts who deserve the Hollywood treatment.

So we compiled a quick list of stars we’d like to see on the big (or small or laptop) screen.

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Although Cooke was killed at the young age of 33, his classic R&B and soul hits will live on forever. With such a short life, there's much to be seen on the screen.

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