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LeToya Luckett Shares Heartfelt Instagram Post About Being A Stepmom

LeToya Luckett Wedding Final Photo

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By Sydney Scott · January 11, 2018

LeToya Luckett is opening up about being a stepmom.

The singer recently tied the knot, marrying Dallas entrepreneur Tommicus Walker in a beautiful and intimate ceremony. 

Luckett is also now stepmother to Walker’s adorable daughter Madison, a role the singer recently opened up about on Instagram. Wishing Madison a happy birthday, Luckett wrote, “This little face brings me so much joy. Madison, You’ve made me a better woman & I’m grateful to God for that. I want to be my best for you. As God holds my hand through this new adventure, I’ll hold your little hand tighter in mine.”

“I’ve always dreamed of having a little girl & naming her Madison!!” she added. “I have the vision board to prove it  and when your dad revealed your name in one of our 1st conversations it almost brought me to tears because I knew God heard me.” 

Luckett and Walker met after being set up by a mutual friend. The two spent weeks talking on the phone and in an interview with ESSENCE, Luckett said that “immediately the chemistry was there.” Later, Walker flew to Los Angeles with his daughter and after a few dates, Luckett was smitten. 

“Your mom & dad have done such an amazing job with you & I want to do nothing but add to that,” Luckett wrote in her post. “I will do my best to lead by example, & though I might mess up at times, please give me grace. I love you Madison & I celebrate you not just on your Burfday (sic), but EVERYDAY!!!”