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Eye Candy: Trainer Trey Reese Turns Up the Heat

Southern gentleman Trey Reese is all about chivalry and willing to go the extra mile to make a woman happy. His steamy photos left us grinning and we know he’ll make your day, too.

By Charli Penn · January 20, 2014

Georgia-bred cutie Trey Reese was born in Laurens County and currently resides in Atlanta where he works as a personal trainer, model and health coach.

“I love living in Atlanta,” says Reese. “It’s remarkably beautiful. I love how culturally diverse it is here.”

“I discovered my love of fitness while training my own body,” says Reese. “Once I felt how rewarding it was to push myself not only physically, but mentally as well, I naturally wanted to share this amazing feeling with everyone.”

Reese has three younger brothers. “They’re my wolf pack so to speak,” he says.

Does this photo even need a caption? Who's reading words when there's a photo like this one to stare at? Wow...

“A great sense of humor goes a long way with me,” says Reese. “If she can make me laugh, I will find it hard to resist her.”

“I’m extremely close to my parents,” says Reese. “They’re extremely loving and supportive. They’re really a wonderful support system and I’m blessed to have them in my life.”

“Growing up in a small town was a humbling experience,” says Reese. “There were always familiar faces at every corner. I’ll never forget attending the county fairs or high school football games on Friday night with the entire town sitting in the stands cheering.”

Reese knows exactly what he's doing when he takes his shirt off for the cameras. What we wouldn't have given to be the photographer behind the camera during this sexy shoot.

"In addition to having a great sense of style it’s very alluring when a woman knows what she likes and what makes her look good and feel sexy," says Reese.

"Confidence in a woman is one of the most important qualities," says Reese. "If she’s comfortable in her own skin and works with what she was given it really makes her irresistible."

"I’m chivalrous, and I know how to treat my lady," says Reese. "I’m the man that gives his woman a nice relaxing massage at the end of her long day. I will always go the extra mile to make her happy and to help her achieve her aspirations while diligently fighting to accomplish my own goals."

"I’m a southern gentleman with a little edge," says Reese. "I’d offer my arm to my woman while we’re walking to make her feel secure. I’m driven, respectful and supportive."

"There’s nothing wrong with showing skin, but when a woman adds a little mystery it’s even more enjoyable," says Reese.

"I was incredibly shy as a kid," says Reese. "I’m elated that I grew out of that."

"It’s no secret that women love a man that can cook," says Reese. "I’m not Emeril Lagasse in the kitchen, however, I do love firing up the grill, throwing on some chicken breasts, shrimp or steak and adding in a hefty helping of green veggies. It  makes for a satisfying meal."

"On a Friday night, you can find me in the gym," says Reese. "I’ve grown out of the partying phase and I don’t drink or smoke. I prefer using my time to do what I love and being around those that I love, like my family and friends."

"I would describe myself as outgoing, hardworking and a barrel of laughs," says Reese. "It’s a good thing not to take yourself too seriously and to be able to let loose and enjoy yourself."

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