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Eye Candy: Trainer Lonnie Wilborn Jr. Puts the Moves On Our Heart

Fitness coach and trainer Lonnie Wilborn Jr. is the total package — brains, beauty and respect for confident, sexy, intelligent women. (And did we mention his ab-game is on fire?) We fell for him instantly and you will too. Meet our crush of the week!

Hello, Sexy! Romen Cole Photography
By Charli Penn · March 7, 2014

"Confidence is a woman’s sexiest quality," says personal fitness coach Lonnie Wilborn. "She has to know she’s sexy for herself and not just looking sexy; it’s about feeling sexy too.  Another sexy quality is when a woman is supportive."

"The single most important thing a woman can do to impress me is to be herself," Wilborn admits.

"I believe what makes me a great catch is my personality, my drive and my ambition," says Wilborn. "I’m educated and determined. I work on myself every day. Plus, I'm big on communication and personal development."

"I’m excited by the kind of woman who loves herself and is willing to take strides every day to become better," says Wilborn. "One who works out and takes care of her body.  One who knows how to communicate and express herself.  And lastly, one who is confident."

"With childhood obesity rates and obesity rates in general extremely high, I’m devoted to educating the uneducated on health and fitness," Wilborn shares.

"My Friday nights consist of me either on my laptop working or reading a good book," homebody Wilborn admits. "I’m all for education and learning.  Educating myself is my number one investment in myself and something that no one can take away from me."

"Growing up, I used the word 'friend' loosely. Everyone was a friend. I later found out that in my lifetime, I have only had three friends and many associates. Friendship is a supportive and cooperative relationship between people who love and care for each other. There is never any judgment and you can talk to a true friend about anything, good and bad."

It's hard to talk up Wilborn when that twelve-pack is shining back at us in ever shot. His perfectly chiseled physique really is the ultimate distraction.

Wilborn is trained in first aid and CPR certification. He once saved a child's life after he heard the child's mother screaming because the little boy had stopped breathing. Wilborn helped the child until paramedics arrived and ultimately saved his life. "I checked up on the boy three days later and was happy to hear he was doing great," he says. "It felt amazing!"

"Running two businesses is very time-consuming so I haven’t traveled to a lot of places outside the U.S., but I have my passport and I’m eager to start," says Wilborn. "I love Florida and California, though. The beaches, warm weather, sunshine, people and palm trees always take me to a happy place."

"I would say the perfect date would be dinner, followed by sitting on the beach and talking as the sun set," Wilborn shares. "I know how typical and movie-like that sounds, but that’s something that I really want to do."

"Living in Arizona, I am about five hours from California," says Wilborn. "I’ve been heading to the beaches quite often lately. Being there while the sun sets is absolutely amazing."

"I absolutely love what I do for a living," says Wilborn. "My passion is to help others. Period. Whether it’s training, giving advice, mentoring youth or anything that involves helping others, I’m all for it."

"In my youth, I was a multi-sport athlete," says Wilborn. "I played basketball, baseball, football and I ran track. Football led me to the University of Akron. I was recruited to play safety." Follow him on Twitter here or Instagram here.