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10 Moments From 2017 That Prove Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Had the Best Year Ever

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade TOUT Getty Images
By Lauren Porter · December 6, 2017

No one can deny that Gabby and D-Wade lived their best love lives this year. From an epic European vacation to admitting that they go to couples therapy, just like us, these two definitely kept us infatuated with their real love in 2017.

Because there is nothing like having a casual and carefree good time with the one you love, the couple happens to have fun together whenever they can. While on the Italy stop of their Wade World summer vacation tour, the two broke out into a quick dance routine and it was just too sweet. As the actress pointed out, this is what happens "when you marry your best friend" and we couldn't agree more!

Click here to watch the adorable video.


When your someone special showers you with lovely, lavish and luxorious things just because, there's no greater feeling and it's one Gabby knows well! Over the Fourth of July weekend, the actress got a big surprise when her hubby when he gifted her a brand new car. While we don't know the type of car, the 45-year-old's exhuberant reaction to her present means labels don't mean a thing when it comes to love. 

Watch her amazing reaction here. 

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When it comes to baecations, no one does it like these two. It's true! In summer 2017, these two collected all the passport stamps and all the memories while traveling to Paris, Italy and beyond. We definitely had severe FOMO scrolling through their Instagram feeds. 

Sometimes you have to humble the one you love and let them know that even though they think they're good at something doesn't mean it's true. That's what Gabby had to do for Dwyane as she joked on The Real in February. She said that her husband definitely has two left feet on the dance floor even though he's got plenty of moves on the dance floor. 

"He’s terrible, but it doesn’t stop him!," the Being Mary Jane star joked. "God bless him though. He’s out there. He’s out there...Inside, inside, he’s like, 'I’m Usher.' [Imitates him.] 'It’s happening, I’m doing it. 'And inside he’s got choreography, he’s like Debbie Allen from Fame. But what happens when it goes from his brain to his extremities is not pretty."

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The actress has no problem admitting the love and joy she has for her step-children. While on the Steve Harvey talk show in February, the star said that she and her NBA star hubby do not play around when it comes to the kids' basketball games.

"When your child decides they aren't going to give their full effort, you have to understand, me and Dwyane lose our minds," she told Harvey. "We start off like, we're just going to sit here [and] we're not going to draw any attention to ourselves, this is really about the kids and then it turns into The Shining--'what is happening?!'"

Wade has two sons, Zaire and Zion from a previous marriage and is raising his nephew, Dahveon. The couple is devoted to making it to the boys’ basketball games no matter how busy their schedules are or how sleepy they may be.

"You're like I gave up what little bit of sleep I had and you're not going to get on defense?!," she joked. "We're those parent's who give like halftime lectures in the middle of the game. We're those people!"

Sometimes you just have to be those parents!

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Since Gabrielle and Dwyane tied the knot in August 2014, fans of the couple have been hoping, wishing and practically begging for the two to have a baby. While it's a wish they'd love to come true, the actress revealed the devastating news that she's had nearly a dozen miscarriages while struggling with infertility and failed IVF treatments. 

“I have had eight or nine miscarriages,” she wrote in her memoir, We're Going To Need More Wine. “For three years, my body has been a prisoner of trying to get pregnant — I’ve either been about to go into an IVF cycle, in the middle of an IVF cycle, or coming out of an IVF cycle.”

The NBA star was obviously very supportive of his wife revealing such a brave truth calling her, "one strong individual."

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Many have labeled the couple as "goals" because well, they exude a representation of Black Love that many aspire for and because they are so public with their showcase of affection for each other, fans have called them picture perfect. But the actress will admit that she and her husband are far from that. 

“People are like ‘goals’; me and D are like, ‘WTF?’ We’ve kind of figured it out now, but I guess maybe we should tweet live from couples’ therapy,” Union told Complex in September. 

Nothing says #goals like standing in your truth!

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In September, the pair made their Emmy red carpet debut and they killed it as they always do. Dressed in a stunning, beaded black Zuhair Murad gown and a Black Valentino tuxedo style, the two proved to be style slayers but that's not even the best part of their appearance at the award show.

Before the actress complete her award presentation duties for the evening, she and Dwyane served up some PDA in a super amazing slow motion kiss that stole the show!

Take a look at it here. 

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For Halloween this year, Gabrielle and Dwyane made sure that the big kids had fun too and these two definitely won the best couples costume for the spooktacular holiday. The couple dressed as infamous 90s R&b duo Milli Vanilli--complete with their Grammy awards, bright colored suits and a dance routine. 

Take a look at more of their Halloween looks here. 

In October, the actress added "author" to her lengthy Hollywood resume and Dwyane was very proud of her latest endeavor. To celebrate the release of the now New York Times Best Selling memoir, We're Going To Need More Wine, the Cleveland Cavaliers star shared a sweet congraulatory message on Twitter addressed to his wife in her big moment. 

"So proud of my wife @itsgabrielleu on this day as her book “Were Gonna Need More Wine” is released!!!! You're [courageous] as they come!!," he wrote.

The star responded graciosuly, simply humbled that she had the support of her husband every step of the way saying, "Your support means the [world] to me."

Aww, nothing like having your very own cheerleader!

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