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Now We Know Why Azealia Banks Wilded Out on 'Wild 'N Out'

Azealia Banks

By Sydney Scott · August 24, 2018

Looks like Azealia Banks’ recent outburst about her treatment on Wild ‘N Out may have been about being compared to Cardi B.

A clip obtained by TMZ from the rapper’s episode shows the moment Banks stopped enjoying the jokes. During a game called “So Petty,” comedian DC Young Fly joked that the only reason Banks was on the show was because host Nick Cannon couldn’t book Cardi B.

However, Banks wasn’t amused at all, calling the joke “anti-black.”

“I didn’t think that was funny,” she adds in the clip.

Back in July, Banks slammed the Wild ‘N Out crew for making “colorist jokes.” In a since-deleted post on Instagram, the rapper said, “I did Wildin’ out today. There were tons of pre-planned colorist jokes and of course …. cry baby cried.”

The rapper added that she felt the producers “planned this – hit me on short notice, told me I didn’t have to participate in the coon ass freestyle battles, (not my style) and I was to sing my song and go home.”

Cannon later responded to the rapper’s comments on Instagram, writing “Don’t you hate when you create your own storms but forget your umbrella???”

He added that “we are praying for you Queen.”

Of course, the moment blew up on social media, with many people commenting that Banks shouldn’t have gone on the show if she didn’t want to get roasted.

And, others thought the rapper made valid points.

Viewers will have to reserve their judgement until the episode airs. Until then, check out the moment in question in the clip above.