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7 Top-Rated Heavy Duty Lotions You Need For Ash-Free Skin

With another fall season on the horizon, it's time to trade out your lightweight moisturizer for something that really lays it on thick. Ashy skin is a year-round no no, but cooler months are when our top layers tend to flake and dry out most. Stay ahead of the curve by testing one of our favorite formulas below. 

lotion skin Shannon Fagan
By Nikki Brown · August 25, 2017

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Rich, but non-greasy, this shea and cocoa butter-infused moisturizer is like a tub of frosting for flaky skin. And the vegan formula is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin! 

$22 available at Bloomingdales

Sick of reapplying lotion throughout the day? Apply this lightly scented lotion in the morning to lock in moisture for 24 hours. 

$38 available at Nordstrom

This skincare classic is suitable for all skin types and a foolproof way to guard your top layers against the elements. 

$8 available at Target

Just one dollop of this seriously luxurious lotion is all you need to lock in moisture for as long as three days. 

$44 available at Nordstrom

The açaí and cupuaçu butter in this unique formula work together to deliver antioxidants and ample moisture to the skin. Plus, the smell is absolutely addictive! 

$45 available at Sephora

This dermatologist-approved body cream is a godsend for those with eczema, but also a viable choice for those who simply want to prevent the reocurrence of ashy skin throughout their day. 

$12 available at Target

An oldie, but a goodie that never fails to keep our elbows and knees in check! In case you didn't know, cocoa butter is infused with vitamin E, the ultimate nutrient for healing dry skin. 

$6 available at Target