All of the Top Notch Products ESSENCE Staffers Use To Repel Ashy Skin

Cropped view of an African American woman's legs as she lies relaxing Yuri Arcurs
Nikki Brown
Aug, 30, 2017 6:06 PM UTC

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"So, I'm just a tad bougie when it comes to my skincare. Although I always keep my drugstore faves on hand, I've been in a love affair with this moisturizer for months now. I'm a sucker for body oils and this one is infused with grapeseed oil, which has the most addictive smell. My skin is also smoother than it's ever been!" -Nikki Brown, Digital Hair & Beauty Editor

$50 available at Arbonne

"Moisture for me begins before putting on lotion, so a good soap is imperative. I love this goat milk, oatmeal and honey soap because it's soothing to the skin and has a simple ingredient base. The company is also Black-owned!" -Danielle Kwateng-Clark, Entertainment Editor

$7 available at Black Kettle Soap Company

"Coconut products make my skin break out, so I prefer shea in my lotions. This Harlem-based company has a delicious mint one that has shea, mango butter and olive oil in it. It literally melts when applied to the skin." -Danielle Kwateng-Clark, Entertainment Editor

$10 available at Sun Kiss Organics

“Tried and true. A drugstore staple that I can’t live without.” -Christina Coleman, Senior News & Politics Editor

$6 available at Target

"I’m highly basic, but I love Jergens Shea Butter lotion paired with Zen in a Jar’s Whipped Shea Butter in Zoey. The scent of the vanilla in the shea butter mixed with the lotion is just divine on my skin, leaving it soft, smooth and smelling simply amazing!" -Lauren Porter, Assistant Love & Lifestyle Editor

$6 available at Target

“First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is my all time fave to combat dry ashy skin, especially when the cooler months start to approach. Its' super rich and hydrating without feeling heavy or greasy. Works great on your face, but also for your hands and elbows, too!" -Cristina Coppin, Assistant Photo Editor

$12 available at Sephora

“I don’t play games with my moisturizing routine. I want my skin to feel soft and nourished and for my products to get me through the entire day. Because I hate randomly looking down and noticing that my feet or legs are suddenly ashy, I switched from lotions to balms for a thicker coverage and longer lasting protection. I swear by The Body Shop's Hemp Rescue Balm for my heels and Coconut Body Balm by Frank Body for my body." -Charli Penn, Senior Relationships & Lifestyle Editor

$25 available at Bloomingdale's

“I love this stuff! I 'borrowed' it from my aunt two months ago and haven’t given it back since. It sits on my desk and I reach for it every time I wash my hands. It has a rich and smooth texture that leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturized all day. On my next drugstore run, I’ll pick up one for me and a replacement for my aunt.” -Whitney Gaspard, Digital Content Producer

$8 available at Amazon

"When it comes to preventing ash, it’s all about layering since my skin is super dry! As soon as I get out the shower, I slather on raw organic coconut oil (this one is great!) while my skin is still wet. After the oil has fully absorbed into my skin, I layer Pai’s Calming Body Cream or Vaseline’s Cocoa Radiant lotion on top. This combination ensures that I stay ash-free and my skin is moisturized all day long." -Siraad Dirshe, Beauty Editor

$40 available at Pai Skincare

"A little goes a long way with this oil. And it's super easy to apply thanks to it's semi-solid formulation that completely melts when it hits your skin. Yum!" -Julee Wilson, Fashion & Beauty Director

$49 available at Jao

"I’m not ashamed to say that when it comes to really really beating ash on my legs, I still keep a tub of Vaseline in my stash. For the rest of my body, I rely on raw shea butter." -Yolanda Sangweni, Digital Content Director

$2 available at Target

"This brand is perfect for anyone who has super dry skin. If you suffer from eczema or extremely dry skin, Eucerin products will leave your skin supple, moisturized and glowing all day long." -Natasha Hatendi, Digital Art Assistant

$13 available at Target

"I always need a good hand cream. The, shea butter eucalyptus and spearmint cream not only makes sure my skin stays moisturized; it lets off a wonderful and invigorating scent that ensures you’ll be a dedicated fan from the first use." -Natasha Hatendi, Digital Art Assistant

$4 available at Bath & Body Works

"I swear by Aveeno’s Skin Relief 24HR Moisturizing Lotion and either coconut oil or vegetable glycerin." -Sydney Scott, Assistant Entertainment Editor

$10 available at Target

"It’s a heavy duty combo, but ash and dry skin are two of my biggest fears, so I do everything I can to keep them at bay." -Sydney Scott, Assistant Entertainment Editor

$9 available at Jet