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10 Nail Polish Colors That Will Ease Your Summer to Fall Beauty Transition

It can be challenging to master your best look when summer is over, but you aren’t quite ready to embrace fall. You can't wear sandals, but don't need a jacket everyday. Your friends have already broken out their best boots, while you’re still rocking new ballet flats. That same push and pull extends to manicures. If you’re a nail girl like me, you know that each season is a clean slate to showcase your best lacquer game. Summer was all about neons, pastels or any hue that complimented your bronzy glow. Fall and winter are for deep and smokey shades. But, what do you wear in between? I know I’m not ready to pull out my super deep paints, but I feel a bit silly wearing my neon pinks, too. No need to fret! We’ve rounded up our favorite shades for every mani personality that will appropriately take you into the fall season. 



Ruslan Dashinsky
By Andrea Jordan · October 14, 2016

Light gray manis are just so…chic! target.com

We love this blue because it’s not as bright as cobalt, but not as deep as a navy.  It’s unexpected and eye catching. $18, laurenbbeauty.com

If you’re edgy, try this metallic rose. Tip: When applying metallic colors, be sure to give a proper manicure so the polish appears smooth on the nail bed. $16, londontownusa.com

Olive green is the color of practically every fall season. We see it in apparel all the time, so why not try it on your nails? $18, net-a-porter.com

When solid polish isn’t enough, grab a sparkly glitter to top it! ‘Tis (almost) the season, right? $10, ulta.com

If you’re not afraid of shimmery metallics, this gold polish with hints of pink and red is the one for you. $15, trustfundbeauty.com

A nude-ish pink tone is great for when you want understated color that’s barely there. $8, target.com

If you’re not ready to let go of your summer brights (like me), try this blue. It’s not quite a bright, but not deep either. It’s great for this transitional season. $9, ulta.com

Deborah Lippmann’s fall collection is everything! Full of smokey dark hues, but this one has to be our favorite. It’s a blue-ish gray and it looks great on any skin tone. $20, nordstrom.com

This is a shimmery, metallic pinkish purple and we are all about it. Plus, the long-lasting Vinylux formula will keep your mani the center of attention for even longer. $5, nailsupplies.us