10 Must-Have Skin Care Products To Keep You Glowy During Festival Season

Skin Care Products For Festival

Samantha Callender
Apr, 03, 2018 5:05 PM UTC

Festival season is on the horizon, and many are beginning to plan their festival makeup, hair and outfits in advance. While these things are important, it’s also key that you add a few skincare items to your summer music festival arsenal.

Between the heat, sweating and bacteria breeding on festival grounds, keeping products on hand that can revive skin will be a must.

Check out our list of must-have items to keep your skin clean and clear for the festival season.

Balance out your skin with this toner that is moisturizing and softening.

$48 available at Shop Amala

Restore vitamins and nutrients to your face with this oil that nourishes and conditions to reveal smooth and supple skin.

$49.95 available at Asarai

Keep your breakouts and blemishes to a minimum with this toner that will keep your skin glowing all summer long.


This mask is chalked full of turmeric, a superfood loaded with anti-inflammatory and strengthening properties for smooth skin.

$30 available at Crop Natural

Cleanse a long day of festivities away with this cleanser. Clean clogged pores and soften and condition skin with this cleanser.

$30 available at Context Skin

After putting your body through a rough day outside, get smooth and fresh skin by using this gentle yet powerful exfoliant.

$5.99 available at Target

This refreshing mist will provide a boost of hydration while you’re out in the festival fields. Throw a bottle in your bag for instant refreshing throughout the day.


Keep this handy cleansing stick in your bag to wash your face between festivities. Made with coconut oil, it’s all natural and antibacterial


This spray is perfect for hydrating and soothing skin that has been under the blazing summer sun.


Have a glow that makes your skin stand out from the crowd with this brightening powder that nourishes skin with Vitamin C.

$60 available at Barney