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8 Lipsticks That Will Last Through Your Thanksgiving Meal 



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By Erin Lukas · October 10, 2017

Thanksgiving isn’t known for being a lipstick-friendly holiday. But if you’re like us and can’t go a day without your favorite shade, a day of gluttony isn’t going to stand in the way of swiping a bullet on.

Thanks to a set of stay-all-day lipsticks, it is possible to have your third helping of turkey and gravy and a killer lip color, too. Not only will your petty cousin be jealous of your perfectly painted lip, you’ll also avoid your uncle Snapchatting your runny lipstick that’s made its way down to your chin.

We’ve rounded up the best long-wearing lipsticks that will hold up throughout your Thanksgiving feast.

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

This trendy purple shade is waterproof which makes it wine-proof by default.


The only thing drier than your quirky uncle’s bad after-dinner jokes: Your lips from using a pencil. Although this NARS matte finish pencil will hold up throughout the entire holiday, it’s enriched with emollients that keep lips hydrated and smooth.


We didn't think it was possible to meet a lipstick that was stronger than our love of apple crisp, but Urban Decay's tube has proved us wrong. If you can't part with your go-to classic red lip for one day of feasting, this rich crimson shade will stay on your lips throughout every dinner course, even dessert.


Your family will be impressed by your fearlessness for choosing a dark plum lip shade for a holiday feast, so make sure you swipe on a bullet that won't smudge as you're deep into the stuffing. Bite's formula might be creamy and hydrating, but it won't move—no matter how many courses are in your Thanksgiving dinner.


A full coverage matte lipstick that won’t melt off when you’re stuffing your face with turkey soaked in mom’s infamous gravy? Yup, this Maybelline tube is the real deal. It may glide on like a gloss, but it dries into a shine-free finish that won’t settle into cracks or fine lines.


If anyone understands the importance of a perfectly painted lip no matter how big the dinner menu, it’s Charlotte Tilbury, the queen of all things glam. Swipe on this rusty brown shade as a fall-festive alternative to your peachy nude.


A worn-off pink lip may be slightly less obvious than a bold shade, but that doesn't mean you won't stress over whether it needs a touch up mid-dinner. Your solution: Bobbi Brown’s Crush Lip Color has a lived-in, just-blotted finish that doesn’t feather or fade. It’s also packed with ultra-moisturizing vitamins C, E, and beeswax.


Not quite pink, not quite nude, this lovely neutral has a matte finish that doesn’t dry out lips and will stay put through a slice of pumpkin pie—or two.