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5 Red Lippies You Absolutely Need To Slay Like Sade

Yara Shahidi pays homage and it's spot on. 

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By Nikki Brown · January 13, 2017

It’s been almost seven years since Sade blessed us with new music, but a simple, yet iconic sense of style is what makes her a neverending influence on multiple generations of music listeners.

Last night (January 12), we were reminded of that when Yara Shahidi shared a spot on homage to the singer on Instagram.

The Blackish star dons a low ponytail and denim ensemble, almost identical to the outfit worn by Sade in this legendary photo: 

Anyone who has studied this moment knows that the red lipstick is what truly brings it all together. Like the singer herself, the shade is classic and appropriate for all occasions.

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In short: it’s the one beauty product that experts say every girl should have…and we can’t help but agree. 

Self care comes in many forms and for some of us, a pop of color is the ultimate confidence booster. Whether you’re looking to channel Sade or find the perfect red for Valentine’s Day, these lippies are the latest and greatest to choose from:



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