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11 Tinted Lip Balms That Could Easily Replace Your Vampy Lipstick

Pucker up! 

tinted lip balms
By Samantha Callender · January 10, 2017

Winter temperatures bring not only the snow, but distressed skin as well. While we know that the key to preventing and relieving chapped lips is through oils and butters, sometimes a standard balm isn’t quite enough to keep our kissers hydrated and plump. 
These ESSENCE-approved treatments not only deliver intense moisture and protection, but also come in pretty tints, so you don’t have to sacrifice beauty in the name of health.


This trusted brand brings a balm in several rosy shades that leave a satin finish. $7, target.com

Known for their hydrating masks, this beauty brand is bringing the moisture to lips with their revolutionary wet lip balm treatment. $19, nordstrom.com

Their popular “Chubby Stick” uses mango and shea butters to protect and hydrate lips. $17, sephora.com

This luxurious balm soothes with peppermint and protects with sunflower-based polyglycerides. $22, sephora.com

The popular makeup brand offers a balm made with avocado and olive oils, that comes in a pretty pink shade. $33, nordstrom.com

This sweet balm leaves a plum tint while also adding some SPF protection. $23, birchbox.com

This silky smooth balm gives a sheer burst of color and moisture. $17, amazon.com

This Sephora favorite combines argan and primrose oil to deliver moisture, while also preventing lip lines. $15, sephora.com

The "Rainforest of the Sea" lip balm blends antioxidants and vitamins to protect lips from chapping, and also promotes soft and rejuvenated skin. $19, sephora.com

Known for their rich hydrating ingredients, this brand brings an ultra soothing lip balm for ultimate moisture and hydration. $5, thebodyshop-usa.com

This line brings hydration with a creamy balm available in some fun shades. $22, youniqueproducts.com