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Editor Picks: Organic Beauty

Keeping it Real...Here's to beautifiers without ugly ingredient.

Ilia Lipsticks
By Pamela Edwards-Christiani · November 6, 2014

All this talk about parabens, carcinogens and other toxins makes me slightly panicky about what I put on my skin and hair. Lately, I've been reaching for more conscientious brands that care about what they put into their products. Here's my current list of worry-free goods that make me feel pretty.


We ingest a lot of what we put on our lips, so check out the ingredients of your lipsticks (especially pigment rich shades) before you pretty your pout. Ilia lipsticks (86% organic) deliver on color where many organic shades fall short.

$26, available at iliabeauty.com.

I take my vitamins daily but now I also slather my skin with the healthy oils and extracts of this non-greasy cleanser. It removes all of my makeup, leaving my face soft to the touch afterwards.

$38, available at nudeskincare.com.

Since I apply lip balm all day long, I love the fact that there's nothing artificial in this one: beeswax, vitamin E, rosemary, sunflower, coconut and peppermint oils plus a few other healthy hydrating ingredients.

$3.30, available at burtsbees.com.

Dr. Alkaitis' entire line (all natural and certified organic) is a true mesh of science and holistic beauty. I met the good doctor a few years ago (he's a research scientist, chemist, molecular biologist AND an expert on the traditional healing and medical properties of plants) and his motto is: "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin."

$60, available at alkaitis.com.

If you haven't heard already, Rahua's line is formulated with a rare nut from the Amazon that penetrates and repairs damaged strands. Translation: it's a good choice for our natural or processed hair. The line is also certified organic––so no silicones or chemical fillers.

$32/shampoo; $34/conditioner, available at rahua.com.

Yes, it's a little pricey, but I think I've tried about a hundred body oils (no exaggeration, seriously). Tata's smells like heaven and since I use body oil EVERYDAY, I like the idea of having zero worry over what's being slathered all over my body.

$90, available at tataharperskincare.com.

If you're not into petrochemicals, here's a healthy alternative.

$8.99, available at waxelene.com.