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33 Self-Care Sistahs That Helped Redefine Wellness

Black Women and Wellness loliputa/Getty Images
By Siraad Dirshe · December 13, 2017

Recent years have taught us that Black women need to take of themselves, and each other. While we as a community have notoriously been not great at making our mental, physical and spiritual health a priority, this year things changed.

There was a collective acknowledgment of how important it is for Black women to be and stay well. Our definition of wellness and self-care expanded beyond thin Caucasian women wearing athleisure and binging on Netflix, to include being more conscious of the food we put into our bodies and cutting toxic people out of our lives.

An undeniable part of this wellness awakening is the countless Black and brown women who use their work and Instagram accounts to help change the historically accepted narrative. From chefs to astrology and fitness trainers, these ladies reminded us how important it is for us to cherish and protect our magic.

Keep scrolling to see the ladies who helped us stay inspired and balanced this year. 

1. Lauren Ash, Founder of Black Girl in Om

Lauren uses her platform to uplift and bring together Black women so they can live their best lives.

2. Latham Thomas, Doula and Writer 

Latham is one of the Black pioneers in the wellness industry who has paved a bright path that so many have followed.

3. Traci Copeland, Nike Master Trainer and Yoga Instructor 

With her Beyonce-themed workout classes and challenging yoga classes, Traci makes working out fun and enjoyable.

4. Tracey Piper, Founder of The Piper Center for Internal Wellness 

Tracey is a firm believer that wellness starts from the inside out, and she uses her practice to help spread this message.

5. Jenné Claiborne, Vegan Chef

Jenné Claiborne makes being a vegan look super easy (and delicious) with her mouth-watering recipes and Youtube videos.

6. Nadia, Fitness Coach 

As a fitness coach and mental health advocate Nadia is on a mission to empower Black women everywhere.

7. Liana Naima, Reiki Practitioner

Using eastern ways of healing, such as reiki, Liana wants to bring Black women closer to themselves.

8. Trinity Mouzon Wofford, Founder of Golde Tumeric 

Trinity lives by the saying wellness is golden, so it should come as no surprise that she started the digestible beauty brand Golde Turmeric.

9. Jamie Jones, Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist 

In a world of snapbacks Jamie Jones, a mom of two, is helping moms set realistic fitness goals, and crush them.

10. Lalah Delia, Spiritual Writer and Creative 

Words have immense power, and Lalah has the beautiful gift of inspiring and healing with hers.

11. Erica Marie, Performance Nutritionist 

Erica proves that training isn’t just for athletes with her inspiring workouts and helpful health tips.

12. Page Parker, Yogi and Personal Trainer 

As the founder of Whole Health Cub, Page makes health and wellness not only rewarding but also fun.

13. Ashleigh, Astrologer

Understanding the workings of the cosmic universe has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, and thankfully Ashleigh has helped guide Black women through that world.

14. Shanna Tyler, Yogi 

Shanna’s inspirational Instagram posts remind us to slow down and take care of our mind and body.

15. Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Yoga Educator 

In our quest of self-acceptance and love, it’s imperative that we don’t leave young Black women and girls behind; Dr. Chelsea uses her knowledge to inspire every generation despite their age.

16. Lenéa Sims, Writer and Spiritual Healer

With her affirmations and inspirational gems, Lenéa reminds us that we need to constantly show-up for ourselves, because no else will.

17. Dr. Tiffany Lester, Medical Director at Parsley Health 

Dr. Tiffany uses her platform to educate individuals on how connected our internal body is to the things we manifest externally.

18. Lina, Wellness Coach and Acupuncturist 

While acupuncture isn’t traditionally a go-to self-care practice, Lina is helping to change that with her beauty inspired practice.

19. Chelsea Williams, Plant-Based Wellness Blogger 

Chelsea helps to defy all preconceived notions about living a plant-based lifestyle.

20. Jaliessa, Founder of Obsidian Moon Astrology 

As a full-time astrologer, Jaiessa is a light and provides the insight that so many have come to love.

21. Wendy and Jess, Founders of Food Heaven Made Easy

If you’ve ever tried to make a healthy meal, chances are you’ve used one of Wendy and Jess’ recipes. The registered dietitians are on a mission to change the way we think about food.

22. Michelle Marques, Personal Trainer 

Michelle wants to change Black women’s underrepresentation in the fitness and wellness community.

23. Bri Luna, Founder of the Hoodwitch

As the owner and creator of The Hoodwitch, Bri is helping Black women truly tap and harness the power of their magic.

24. Nikia Phoenix, Founder of Black Girl Beautiful 

Nikia wants all Black women to see themselves as the piece of art that they are, and her digital platform is dedicated to celebrating our uniqueness.

25. Bri, Creator of Spiked Spin 

Bri is truly doing it for the culture by making fitness more accessible to Black people.

26. Alanna Gardner, Therapist and Fitness Instructor 

As both a therapist and fitness instructor, Alanna is showing Black women how to live healthier emotional and physical lives.

27. Dossé-Via, CEO of Scorpio Mystique 

Dossé-Via’s extremely popular astrological Instagram page unites the the scorpios of the world.

28. Lauren Nixon, Food Educator 

Her spirited workshops and demos help to change our conversation and understanding of food.

29. Jassy Onya, Founder of Onyae Naturals 

Jassy’s vegan skin care line is made in small batches and completley vegan.

30. Tiffany Shelton, Owner of the Conscious Shop 

From sharing how to care for plants, to explaining which yoga poses help with our emotions, Tiffany Shelton teaches us how to live our best life.

31. Nadia, Fitness Coach 

Nadia is a fitness and mental health advocate that’s also a yoga instructor.

32. Shelia Donovan, Owner of Shelia Donovan Pilates Studio 

As the owner of her own pilates studio Shelia is redefining what health and wellness looks like.

33. Minna B., Writer 

Minna’s positive writing is a breathe of fresh air.