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13 Amazing Exfoliating Body And Face Scrubs To Get You Ready For Spring

Face and Body Exfoliating Scrubs
By Jennifer Ford · March 14, 2018

The impending arrival of spring has us super excited for longer and warmer days. However, the opposite is true for our winter-stricken skin. Once you peel away the layers of clothing, you’ll often find dry scaly skin in need of replenishment. 

Before we start dreaming about denim cutoffs and miniskirts for summer, let’s sloughing away that dragon skin. To restore our skin to it’s most sheen and supple state, we’re enlisting the help of these heavy duty body scrubs that miraculously cure the rough effects of winter.

Score them below and get radiant skin just in time for spring.

Granulated pumice and charcoal work double duty to detoxify and polish your skin for shorts, tank tops and everything in between.

$8.99 available at Target

Enliven your skin and your senses with fresh scents of eucalyptus and spearmint oils. Pure Epsom salt and shea butter combat dryness.

$4.99 available at Target

Apply this gel-based formula to wet skin in a circular motion to buff away dryness and recharge your skin.

$28 available at Sephora

This Arabica coffee scrub hails from the Ivory Coast and boasts antioxidants and minerals that evens out your skin tone.

$17.95 available at I Am Glam Body

A smoothing body soap formulated with natural cocoa and coconut shell powder that revives dull skin and revitalizes the soul with a seductive chocolate aroma.

$16.50 available at Sephora

This potion is the perfect remedy for severely dry skin and offers 24 hours of hydration and superior spa-like softness.

$67 available at Sephora

Exfoliate with this creamy blend of loofa fruit and proteins to restore your skin’s lipid barrier and protect it from flakiness and dehydration.

$030 available at Sephora

This jar contains a euphoric blend of almonds and sugar crystals that are effective for eliminating dead skin cells and softening rough skin.

$44 available at Sephora

Formulated with cocoa and shea butter, this body bar also uses fresh ingredients like almonds and ground rice to smooth out rough spots.

$12.95 available at Lush

Put your best face forward with this 2-in-1 scrub and cleanser that minimizes the appearance pores, leaving your skin smooth, radiant and soft to touch. This scrub also smells heavenly.


Gently polish away dead skin with this Mediterranean fusion of Argan, avocado, and grapeseed oil infused with sand and apricot seed exfoliants that deliver instant hydration and softness.

$52 available at Sephora

Buff this pampering polish made from sea salt, lemongrass, and sweet almond oil into your skin to reveres dullness and achieve a post-spa glow-up.

$44 available at Sephora

A cocktail of detoxifying ingredients that gently buffs away dead skin cells while drawing out impurities leaving skin clean, smooth and moisturized.

$10.99 available at Target