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8 Concealers to Help You Look Flawless from AM to PM



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By Erin Lukas · October 18, 2017

Concealer is one of the hardest-working makeup products that barely gets any recognition. Why? Because unlike the lipstick you get complimented on every time you wear it, you only notice concealer when it’s not doing its job.

When it comes to under eye concealer, the formula may cover up your sins of sleep deprivation but draw attention to any wrinkles or fine lines. The solution: Swap your current concealer for one packed with the same nourishing and anti-aging ingredients you’ll find listed on the back of the products in your current skincare routine.

These concealers will still banish your under eye circles, but will also diffuse any visible signs of aging—if you’re concerned about that. Here, we’ve rounded up the best hydrating under eye concealers that will smooth over fine lines every single time.

Like wearing velvet because of how soft the fabric feels on your skin? Then you'll love this NARS concealer pot. Thanks to a mix of antioxidants, the lightweight formula glides on effortlessly and covers up dark spots and fine lines without getting cakey with wear.

$30 available at sephora

Elastic micro waxes and nourishing oils keep this concealer from sticking to fine lines. The best part? It has a dewy finish that looks more natural than any glow from a highlighter.

$18 available at glossier

If your concealer settles into fine lines no matter what application method you try, switch to a formula that's spiked with an ultra-hydrating skincare ingredient like this Neutrogena stick. Hyaluronic acid nourishes skin while simultaneously preventing the product from hugging fine lines.

$14.99 available at walgreens

Specifically formulated for the under eye area, this waterproof concealer eliminates all visible signs of your level of tiredness without drawing extra attention to any fine lines. Its soft demi-matte finish looks natural rather than caked on.

$31 available at macys

A crease-free finish every single time is one of the many reasons that this Tarte concealer is a fan-favorite. With maracuja and rich antioxidants as its hero ingredients, the formula diminishes dark circles and smooths over fine lines.

$26 available at sephora

This concealer doesn't just act like an eraser for fine lines, it works to minimize them, too. The multitasking formula is packed with collagen and peptides—two effective ingredients you'll find in many of your go-to anti-aging skincare products. Bonus: It's also waterproof.

$24 available at sephora

Consider this Urban Decay tube your solution if you want a concealer with maximum coverage, but hate how heavy some opaque formulas can feel on. This lightweight, buildable concealer renders dark circles and fine lines invisible with a natural, second-skin finish.

$29 available at sephora

This skincare-makeup cocktail has all the hydrating benefits of a nourish serum and it's consistency, which is what makes it so effective at floating over fine lines without drawing attention to them.

$42.00 available at nordstrom