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These Ingestibles Will Become Part Of Your Beauty Routine Because They Work

Beauty starts from the inside, so start your regimen there.
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By Shalwah Evans · December 5, 2019

We’re constantly inundated with beauty brands promising to solve any concern we might have. There’s no beauty ailment out there that someone hasn’t created a “miracle” product for, whether it’s skin, hair, nails, teeth, toes, bones, and the list goes on. It can be difficult to suss through the noise to find the ones that are right for your needs.

And when it comes to supplements and ingestibles the stakes are even higher because you don’t want to put garbage into your body, the same as you don’t want to put garbage on your body. In some scenarios you’re best off if they do nothing at all. Your wallet just won’t agree. But when you find the right ones it’s like magic. They have the power to improve your overall health, and as a result, your overall beauty.

There’s no perfect formula for figuring it out. It comes down to the right ingredients (and dosage) for you. Check out these ten easy-to-use ingestibles that have helped me see better beauty days filled with confidence and allure this past year.

$20 available at Sephora
$29 available at Golde
Olyxir Olive Leaf Tea Strips
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$27 available at Motiva
Glow Habit
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Urban Skin Rx
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Navitas Organics
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Holistik Wellness
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Better Not Younger
$25 available at Sephora
Wholy Dose
$29 available at Wholy Dose