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Back To Basics: Your Most Common Concealer Questions, Answered

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Nikki Brown
Oct, 31, 2016 7:07 PM UTC

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Concealer should be one shade lighter or the exact color of your skin.  Concealers should match your undertone, so if you have more yellow in your skin, it’s best to use yellow-based concealers. If you have pink undertones, use red-based concealers for the appropriate matching technique.

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For dark circles, it is best to use a brightening concealer.  To cover dark circles, use a sponge for a light application and a concealer brush for full coverage, padding it onto the skin.  It is difficult to “cover” puffiness, as it is just the skin under the eye that is inflamed. Try applying green tea bags at night to reduce puffiness, then add concealer that matches your exact skin tone. You don’t want to brighten the puffy area, as that will make it appear more prominent.

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These are color correcting concealers meant to neutralize different tones in the skin. If you have a lot of redness in the skin, use a green concealer to cancel the red, then apply foundation in your shade. If you have a lot of blue in your skin, use red to cancel the blue, and if you want to brighten, use yellow or orange. 

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Yes. You can definitely wear concealer and nothing else if your concealer matches your exact skin tone. It will cover dark circles and brighten the eye area, giving the skin a fresh, no-makeup makeup look.  

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Yes, touch up the concealer throughout your day if necessary.  This will keep you looking refreshed all day.

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It really depends on your preference. I love applying concealer after foundation, as it blends more easily with the foundation.

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If you’re using a shade that matches your skin tone exactly, then definitely feel free to apply anywhere you feel you need to conceal.

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