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Meet The Founders Behind 75 Black-Owned Skin Care And Cosmetics Brands You Should Be Shopping

They catered to the Black community's beauty needs when no one else would.
Courtesy of Melissa Butler, The Lip Bar
By Shalwah Evans · June 12, 2020
Courtesy of Melissa Butler, The Lip Bar

It’s great to see publications across the country promoting Black-owned beauty brands as ESSENCE has been doing for the past 50 years. While it’s unfortunate that their tenacity came only after the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, we’re hoping that touting Black beauty businesses as the best will not be a trend, like promoting Black beauty on Black people has been.

So we want to introduce the people behind several Black-owned beauty brands, because that’s truly what’s important here. From kitchen chemists to beauty industry insiders, these men and women created their brands when no one else catered to our needs. They get up everyday and hustle hard for the community and beyond. Their businesses are fueled by love and run on passion (and, of course, kick-ass teams).

When the protests end and if the movement proves to have simply been a moment, these entrepreneurs will still be here. So while shopping Black-owned beauty might only be on trend today, we hope that seeing the actual people who founded these brands will make supporting Black businesses timeless.

Editor’s Note: There are several Black-owned beauty brands and we regret that we could not include them all, and their founders, in this list. ESSENCE will continue to promote Black-owned beauty brands and entrepreneurs creating quality products year-round.

available at Rosen Skincare
available at Boyface
Instagram/@ juviasplace
available at Juvia's Place
available at Happy Girl Products
available at Aba Love Apothecary
available at The Crayon Case
available at Limegreen
available at Target
Frederick Benjamin
available at Frederick Benjamin
Courtesy Blair Armstrong
available at Gilded
Maison 276
available at Maison 276
Courtesy of Shontay Lunndy
available at Black Girl Sunscreen
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available at Butter by Keba
Courtesy of Melissa Butler
available at The Lip Bar
available at Jacq's
available at Scotch Porter
Danessa Myricks Beauty
available at Danessa Myricks Beauty
Courtesy Aisha Besson
available at Chloe and Chad
Ladybug Skincare
available at Ladybug Skincare
Courtesy of Topicals
available at Topicals
Instagram/@ matrescenceskin
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Oyin Handmade
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Courtesy of Lesley Thornton
available at KLUR
Lauren Napier Beauty
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Courtesy of Ounce of Nature
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Good Beauté
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Mischo Beauty
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Range Beauty
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Quon's Eyes
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Courtesy of Tristan Walker
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Courtesy of Ebony Clay
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Marla Rene Skincare
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UOMA Beauty
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Rose Ingleton MD Skincare
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Brown Butter Beauty
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Courtesy of Symantha Wechie-Onyechi
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Brown Girl Jane/Instagram/@taibeau
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Coloured Raine
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Lamik Beauty
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Courtesy of GlowRx Skincare
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Courtesy of Nolaskinsentials
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People of Color
available at People of Color
Beneath Your Mask
available at Beneath Your Mask
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BeautyStat Cosmetics
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BLAC Minerals
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Beauty Bakerie
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Courtesy Brianna Walton
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Rich Hein/Sun-Times
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Johnny Nunez/WireImage
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Elle Johnson Co.
available at Elle Johnson Co.
Aj Crimson Beauty
available at AJ Crimson Beauty