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12 Missy Elliott Music Videos That Broke Boring Beauty Rules

In honor of her debut album's 20th anniversary, we look back at the music videos that pushed the hair and makeup envelope. 

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By Samantha Callender · July 14, 2017

Missy Elliott’s Supa Dupa Fly celebrates its 20th anniversary on July 15 and like other classic albums, its long-lasting influence goes beyond music.  

The 17-track LP marked Elliott’s arrival as a solo artist, having previously been a part of 90’s girl group “Sista”, as well as a songwriter for acts such as Jodeci, Aaliyah and several members of the Swing Mob collective.

Together, she and Timbaland created a sound that was unlike anything of its time and ultimately, helped ushered in a wave of similarly minded artists into the new millennium.

Aside from the groundbreaking production, Missy’s music videos also carried a unique aesthetic that we had never seen before. Assisted by the the fashion expertise of rising stylists like June Ambrose (who was responsible for the shiny, trash bag-like jumpsuit in “The Rain”) and direction by Hype Williams and Dave Meyers, “The Rain” was would be the first of many visuals to become an integral part of Elliott’s legacy. 

More than anything, the singer and rapper showed us all that what we see as beautiful isn’t limited to what society teaches us. She empowered fans to create a personal style on their own terms and rock it boldly. And if that weren’t enough, she continues to live by example; something we can all appreciate in the age of social media when others are quick to judge as they scroll.  

To further commemorate the 20th anniversary of her solo debut, get reacquainted with the music video looks that we’re still enamored with after all of these years, starting with “The Rain.”

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Aside from the iconic shiny jumpsuit, Missy showed out for the short-haired girls in her high gloss finger waves and accentuated her full lips by painting them a plum ombre. The fashion and beauty choices within this video were a love letter to classic '90s beauty trends...with a Missy twist. 

Missy took ponytails to new heights in this music video. Combined with a blunt bang and plenty of metallic fashion to match, she became the futuristic beauty icon we never knew we needed. And let's not overlook 702, who made an appearance in matching microbraids, and Magoo in his throwback conk. Iconic! 

Missy took us on a trip to outerspace and spared no expense to make sure her makeup beat was out of this world. Alongside friend and collaborator Da Brat, she kicked ass in fire engine red hair and eyelids dipped in glitter eyeshadow. And of course, no Missy video is complete without her signature ombre lip. 

We all wanted a hot boy after seeing Nas flex his skills alongside Misdemeanor, Lil' Mo and Eve. Elliott toned down her makeup and hair for this one. Instead, she sported a long bang across one eye like her late friend/collaborator Aaliyah. Nonetheless, her undeniable confidence proved to be the ultimate beauty booster; slay queen!

Bald head, don't care! Missy went full on badass for this standout cut from Da Real World. From the rhinestone face jewelry to the black and grey lipstick, these hair and makeup looks were the perfect compliment to the song's message. 

Who could forget this Miss E...So Addictive track?! Missy gives us glossy lips, deep smoky eyes and a burgundy flip-out pixie that was a classic look in the early '00s. And don't even get us started on the ghostly body makeup worn by her backup dancers...perfection! 

This wouldn’t be a music video from 2002 without a pinky fuzzy hat to the side, an afro in a ponytail, and bobs with bangs that cover your entire eye.

Hats, hats and more hats! Although Missy sported cutesy curls for this Under Construction video, her accessories were pretty hard to not love. 

Besides the sick dance battle, we were completely obsessed with Missy's white lash extensions and ice white eyeshadow.

Missy’s short, honey highlighted cut with a tapered bang that fell over the eye was a LEWK. Enough said. 

Missy made a major comeback in 2015 and served more looks than we can count in this video. From the rhinestone lips to the assymetrical bob to the yellow face dots, the makeup inspo knows no bounds. 

From pink to blue dye jobs, shaved sides to an all around bob, and even blonde crimped hair- she delivers it all. She also gets creative with makeup, using stickers and glitter on her lips and foil tattoos on her face.