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Black Beauty Icons: Body

The ESSENCE Beauty team and our select group of beauty gurus picked the can't-live-without body products that get our days started off the right way. 

Body Icons
By · April 15, 2015

The ESSENCE beauty team and a select group of pros picked their all-time favorite body products.

“To this day, I have a tub in my bathroom at all times. It’s my cure-all  beauty secret.” —Nykia Spradley 

$5, Walgreens

“It’s one of the best body smoothers out there. Full of essential oils, it’s gentle and leaves skin soft and moisturized.” —Pamela Edwards Christiani 

$40, fresh.com

“The texture is the perfect mix of cream and lotion—extremely hydrating.” —Pamela Edwards Christiani

$8, carolsdaughter.com

“This ointment has so many uses. It’s  an excellent emollient for eczema; to help improve healing post-surgery; or for dry, brittle nails and chapped lips.” —Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd 

$5, Target

“It’s great for dry hands and ashy elbows, and small enough for your purse!” —Andrea Jordan

$1, 1 oz, Rite Aid

“This has vitamin B5, which may be helpful for itching, eczema and dry skin.” —Dr. Brooke Jackson

$7, 16 fl oz, CVS

“Here’s the grown-up version of classic baby oil. It’s amazing for achieving glistening, supple skin.” —Nykia Spradley 

$3, Walgreens

“The smell of this transports my shower to an island oasis, and the gel leaves my skin soft too!” —Andrea Jordan

$13, bathandbodyworks.com

“It’s well tolerated and great for all skin types. I also love the positive images reflected in Dove’s campaigns.” —Dr. Brooke Jackson

$4 for 2-pack, Walmart

“My elbows and knees can’t live without this solid shea butter.” —Pamela Edwards Christiani 

$42, usa.loccitane.com