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Black Beauty Icons: Body

Body Icons
Apr, 15, 2015 3:03 PM UTC

The ESSENCE beauty team and a select group of pros picked their all-time favorite body products.

“To this day, I have a tub in my bathroom at all times. It’s my cure-all  beauty secret.” —Nykia Spradley 

$5, Walgreens

“It’s one of the best body smoothers out there. Full of essential oils, it’s gentle and leaves skin soft and moisturized.” —Pamela Edwards Christiani 


“The texture is the perfect mix of cream and lotion—extremely hydrating.” —Pamela Edwards Christiani


“This ointment has so many uses. It’s  an excellent emollient for eczema; to help improve healing post-surgery; or for dry, brittle nails and chapped lips.” —Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd 

$5, Target

“It’s great for dry hands and ashy elbows, and small enough for your purse!” —Andrea Jordan

$1, 1 oz, Rite Aid

“This has vitamin B5, which may be helpful for itching, eczema and dry skin.” —Dr. Brooke Jackson

$7, 16 fl oz, CVS

“Here’s the grown-up version of classic baby oil. It’s amazing for achieving glistening, supple skin.” —Nykia Spradley 

$3, Walgreens

“The smell of this transports my shower to an island oasis, and the gel leaves my skin soft too!” —Andrea Jordan


“It’s well tolerated and great for all skin types. I also love the positive images reflected in Dove’s campaigns.” —Dr. Brooke Jackson

$4 for 2-pack, Walmart

“My elbows and knees can’t live without this solid shea butter.” —Pamela Edwards Christiani