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Best In Black Beauty: Ones To Watch

CoverGirl Lip Lavas Lip Gloss
Apr, 15, 2015 3:03 PM UTC

“Thirty years ago, pigment-rich eye shadows put Make Up For Ever on the map. This latest collection—five finishes and 198 shades!!!—is next-level amazing.” —Nykia Spradley, Beauty Editor

$21 each,

“Bravo to CoverGirl for delivering a fashion-forward color range of glosses that wear beautifully.” —Pamela Edwards Christiani, Beauty & Style Director

$8 each, Walmart. Available in 9 shades.

“The colors are fun, the glide is smooth and the formula remains crease-free all day long.” —Andrea Jordan, Beauty Assistant

$25 each, Sephora. Available in 25 shades.

“This at-home system [available in 36 shades] can self-correct smudges and dents days after your manicure.” —Andrea

$10 each, Target

“Finally, a foolproof brow tool that thickens and defines in a sweep. The result? Serious brow envy from my friends.”—Andrea

$8, Rite Aid. Available in 3 shades.

“The two-in-ones pop perfectly on our skin and the velvety texture blends seamlessly. I carry at least one with me at all times.” -Nykia

$10 each, Walmart. Available in 5 shades.

“With 10 brushes and 3 shape options, it distributes color precisely and softly. After one use, you’ll wonder how you ever lived with traditional makeup brushes.” —Nykia


“Dove’s new Quench line brings my natural curls to life with moisture, body and shine.” —Andrea

$5 each, Target

“This treatment literally works miracles. I’ve used it on both new and old scars with noticeable results. It’s perfect for clumsies like me.” —Andrea

$35, 1.7 oz, Walgreens

“Rarely do I finish a bottle of anything, but this serum was an exception. All of my issues (uneven skin tone and texture, lack of radiance) improved, quickly.”—Pamela

$115, 1.7 oz,

“Body serums penetrate and treat the skin just like a facial serum does. Vaseline is genius for giving us a drugstore version that rivals the best.” —Pamela

$8, Walmart

“This spray totally transforms dry locks in a flash, without any buildup.” —Pamela

$12, Walgreens

“When my hair needs a shine and moisture refresh, this instantly does the trick.” —Nykia

$5, Sally Beauty

“This is my next-gen de-puff solution. Pop the pods in the freezer, then lay on eyes to banish bags.” —Nykia

$50, Sephora

“Steam is a curly girl’s best friend, so I appreciate SoftSheen’s system, especially the mask, which leaves my hair with a soft, smooth finish.” —Andrea

$18, Sally Beauty

Now I get why the Europeans love Micellar water. It’s the lazy girl’s solution for cleansing and makeup removal, without stripping the skin.” —Pamela

$8, CVS