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Best in Black Beauty Awards 2015: Skin

MakeUp Remover: Korres Greek Yoghurt Cleansing & Makeup Removing Wipes Greg Vore
Sep, 17, 2015 4:04 PM UTC

“You need very little of this scrub. Getting a small lather when I mixed it in my hand with just water was impressive. My face feels super clean, softer and literally has a glow.” —Cassandra H., Alta Loma, CA


Greg Vore

“It’s nongreasy and left my skin soft with a nice glow.”—Sharon Smith, Philadelphia


Greg Vore

“I’ve been using the same products since 1999, but this works so well with my skin, which is now radiant!”—Monica Bailey, Brooklyn


Greg Vore

“It is easy to use and fragrance-free, and works on my tough-to-go-away brown spots.” —Denise Bolds, Marlboro, NY


Greg Vore

“My oily, acne-prone skin feels amazingly clean and moisturized, and I haven’t noticed any breakouts since using it.” —Niki Banks, College Park, GA


Greg Vore

“This cleanses my skin without stripping or overdrying. It also smells good and has a nice light texture.”—Terry Williams, Brooklyn


Greg Vore

“This moisturizer left my skin feeling soft and revitalized. It worked so well that I took it to work to use on my hands during the day.”—Rosalind Parker, Prosper, TX

$38, Sephora

Greg Vore

“I like the nice smooth texture, which blends easily into my skin and doesn’t burn.” —Lonna Gordon, New York City


Greg Vore