As South Africa continues it’s annual Women’s Month celebration, Black women in particular are reclaiming their place in society. 

Politically, women enjoy a high representation in parliament. Women ministers currently account for 41% of the cabinet, while women deputy ministers account for 47% of the total number of deputy ministers, with a a total of 41% representation of women in the National Assembly. Amid the growth seen in the political sector, a Ministry of Women, Children and People with Disabilities was established in 2009 and seeks to elevate women’s needs and issues.

Meanwhile, women make up almost 28% of the country’s judiciary. In the business world, they currently make up 3.6% of CEO positions, 5.5% of chairperson positions, 17.1% of directorships and 21.4% of executive management positions. Women are also encouraged to own their own businesses at increasing rates. Most recently, The Department of Trade and Industry established The South African Women Entrepreneurs Network, a networking forum for women in business.

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Happy Women’s Month, ladies!