<p>Nomzamo Mbatha Is Proud To Showcase African Designers With Her Stunning Red Carpet Looks Every Chance She Gets</p>

"Why would I want to go to America and look like an American girl? I'm an African girl and I'm comfortable in being that girl."


Like author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who only wears clothing by Nigerian designers at public appearances, ESSENCE Festival Durban 2017 Host Nomzamo Mbatha is always spotted in African print when on the red carpet. 

When a fan complained on Twitter recently that Nomzam constantly wearing African print was becoming ‘boring,’ she made it clear that it was no mistake. On the contrary, the rising starlet says she’s quite proud to showcase South African designers at high profile events. 

“Why would I go to America and want to look like an American girl? I am an African girl and I am comfortable in being that girl,” Nomzamo told ESSENCE. “I want to showcase South African designers. I am all about cultivating and investing in the talent that we have in my country. My job is to change the narrative that Africa is only about HIV/Aids or poverty. I want the world to know that we are talented, we are fly, we are woke and informed, we can hold an intelligent conversation.”

Which of Nomzamo’s stunning red carpet looks featuring pieces from South African designers was your favorite so far? Be sure to visit our official ESSENCE Fest Durban 2017 website HERE for more info out how you can join us in South Africa this fall!