The Afrobeats genre has been making quite the impact on the global music scene over the past few years and Nigerian entertainer Ayoinmotion is leaving his mark by way of his latest single, “Gbesoke.”

Defined by Ayo himself as the 2017 turn up anthem, “Gbesoke” is a high-energy dance track with an infectious chorus that’s sure to have you on your feet and moving as soon as the beat drops. The single has even spawned a  
#GbesokeDanceChallenge that’s steadily picking up on social media, with music fans from Nigeria to NYC getting in on the fun. Check out the exclusive premiere of the video for Gbesoke, above.

A dynamic performer who draws inspiration from his passion for activism and love of poetry, as well as his desire to create unforgettable music that leaves a lasting impression on any audience, Ayoinmotion is emerging as one to watch on the Afrobeats scene. ESSENCE recently caught up with the proud Lagos native find out what he’s been up to this year, why his music is truly one of a kind and what the Gbesoke craze is really all about.

What is it about your music that sets you apart from other artists?
People often emerge from my shows loving the energy, dance and explosiveness of the live concert. It’s important to me that the crowd is not just moved by me, but they actually move with me…that’s what the whole “inmotion” vibe is all about. Most of the time, you will find me performing with my live band and dancers, and very early I make it clear that we are all here for an experience. And by the end, it never fails. Everyone is sweating, dancing, vibing and having a great time.  So essentially, I think the full musical band, dancers and overall energy of my live performance, really differentiates me from many other Afrobeats artist. I love performing and I am very obsessed and particular about making sure that seeing Ayoinmotion live is an unforgettable experience! It helps that my Musical Director, Shawn Keys, helps me in making sure the live sound never disappoints.

Additionally, I see myself as an all-around creative; I don’t like to feel confined with my music and I am very comfortable blending different sounds. In fact, my origins are in poetry, and one of my biggest songs to date besides Gbesoke is titled, “Hamburg is for Lovers,” and has a pop-house music vibe at its’ core. Overall, I like to have fun but, there’s a message and intention in my work and that also sets me apart.

What have been your biggest accomplishments this year?
It has all gone so fast but, this year has been phenomenal. I came back from Nigeria in January and almost immediately headlined a packed show here in NYC. I also opened for one of the hottest bands in Australia, KOI CHILD, during their first U.S tour. I have shared the stage with Timaya, Ayo Jay and also opened for Davido. I also just came back from two back-to-back sold out shows in London. Also “Gbesoke” really took off this year in an unbelievable way! This year isn’t over yet, so hopefully I can still do even bigger things but so far, so freaking good!

So tell us more about this whole Gbesoke wave…
So Gbesoke means to take it higher or in a sense to turn up! The song is a really upbeat Afrobeats dance tune and I created a simple dance step to go along with it. It so amazing watching the entire crowd do the dance at my shows; we all really get into it. It has taken off in a special way, with everyone joining in dance challenge and sending in their videos. All over my Instagram page, you will find little kids, adults, dance classes, fitness classes, random people in the street and even on the beach, everyone having a good time doing the Gbesoke dance. I love when people let loose and just move with wherever the music takes them and I think Gbesoke not only allows but encourages them to do that! At the moment Gbesoke just hit 10,000 streams worldwide so I am super excited. We want to celebrate by releasing the music video we shot for it in Nigeria. 

What’s up next for you?
As for what’s coming next, I am working on my EP, Sounds of Her, which will be released sometime next year. And the video for my next single, “Jewo Jewo” —produced by myself and Edson Sean— should be out next month..definitely look out on my Instagram for when we release that as well; the video will be super! But for now, it’s still all about GBESOKE, the Afrobeats turn-up anthem!!

To hear more from Ayoinmotion, check out his website HERE.

Photo Credit: @capturednouns