Meet Africa’s YouTube Queens

Though Youtube is one of the most widely used search engines in the world, it has yet to reach its full potential on the continent. But these women—many of them in the diaspora—are showing that Africa has always been ready for the smaller silver screen.

From hair to makeup to food and life advice, here are Africa’s YouTube queens: 

Jackie Aina

Repping: Nigeria/USA

Subscribers: 839,577

This LA-based Nigerian beauty is working hard to ensure her channel becomes the first black beauty channel to reach one million subscribers. Her spot-on beauty tips, slay-worthy looks and “LOL” personality will keep you coming back for more.

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Theodora Lee

Repping: South Africa

Subscribers: 231,511

Though she is the sister to Africa’s biggest YouTube star, Theodora Lee has made her own name in the world of Youtube. An open book, she offers advice on love, life and everything you can imagine.


Repping: Nigeria

Subscribers: 15,484

Based in the U.S., Yeti Ezeanii has found her place on Youtube teaching people how to make dishes from her native Nigeria. Click through to learn how to make Nigerian jollof like a superstar.

Chanel Ambrose 

Repping: Ghana/ UK

Subscribers: 229,336

Beauty blogger Chanel Ambrose reps for the fuller-figured women with confidence and flair. We first met her as Chanel Boateng, but the Ghanaian-born makeup artist and stylist recently changed a name to reflect her marriage — a sign that her strong following has grown and changed with her over time.

Pure Estrogen 

Repping: Zambia

Subscribers: 41,338

Beauty and hair vlogs are always popular, and with the strength of the natural hair movement moving through the continent, some of Africa’s own are becoming hair vlog stars. Zambian Luyando Handia—Lulu for short—is one of Africa’s top vloggers. She has documented her hair growth with cute styles that you, too, can replicate. She is representing the Southern African country well.

Bellesa Africa

Repping: Kenya

Subscribers: 95,838

Based in Kenya, Bellesa Africa founder Kangai Mwiti has learned to create looks with products that she knows an East African audience will have access to. A self-trained artist, she is hugely popular for how accessible she makes her tutorials.


Repping: South Africa

Subscribers: 100,150

This South African DIY queen uses her channel to show us that anyone can grab a hammer and build their dream “whatever-comes-to-mind.” With tutorials on how to make your greenhouse to creating your own Christmas crackers, hours of your day will be spent clicking from video to video.

Shirley B. Eniang 

Repping: Nigeria/Ghana/UK

Subscribers: 702,552

As one of the UK’s top beauty and style bloggers, Shirley doesn’t hide her African heritage (especially when dancing alongside her sister Kezia — another Youtuber. Her minimal style and impeccable makeup is always something to check out.


Subscribers: 74,277

The only francophone Africans on the list, Betty Richoux and Ornella Mayassi are two dope Youtubers based out of Paris. With gorgeous style, the two stylists use their channel to discuss anything and everything that affects the young independent Parisian woman. We have already featured them in our list of African women to follow on social media. And don’t worry non-French speakers! They have subtitles.


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