Thank you for your interest in writing for ESSENCE Magazine. To submit your ideas, please write a query letter that explains your story concept, proposed story length, possible experts (if it is a reported piece) and why this idea would appeal to the Essence reader. Query letters should be no more than one page in length, and should be addressed to the editor whose section interests you at Essence Magazine, 135 West 50th Street, New York, NY 10020. Be sure to include a daytime telephone and an E-mail address.

Arts and Entertainment: Cori Murray
 This section accepts ideas for celebrity profiles as well as reviews of the arts, music, TV, film and the web.

Books and Poetry: Patrik Henry Bass
 This section accepts queries and manuscripts for book reviews along with published and unpublished poetry.

Beauty and Style: Pamela Edwards Christiani 
This section accepts queries for beauty and fashion trend, news and feature pieces.

Health, Relationships and Food: Charreah K. Jackson 
This section accepts queries for health news and trend reports, sex and relationships features, first person dating and relationship essays and recipes.

Personal Essays: Lauren Williams and Charreah K. Jackson 
 This section accepts queries for first-person essays that are rich in anecdote and explore some aspect of your emotional life, relationships or culture.

News: Lauren Williams This section accepts queries for opinion pieces, profiles of people in the news and reported stories on current events.

Money & Power: Lauren Williams 
This section accepts queries for personal finance, career and home articles and feature stories.

Feature Articles/ Personal Growth: Lauren Williams and Charreah K. Jackson  This section accepts queries for long-form features on topics of general interest to readers, preferably timed to events currently unfolding in news or on the cultural landscape.