Passion. Inspiration. Power. Combine these elements and you have the Essence Festival Durban 2017. Across the board of activities, whether you’re there to admire the arts, crafts and cuisine, fashion, etc. on display by the capable people behind them (Passion), or to browse, listen to achievers during the talking heads sessions or the entertainment (Inspiration), or even receive career guidance and business advice as a young, up and coming entrepreneur (Power), these three key words sum  up what it is that you can take out from this amazing experience in a contemporary, Afropolitan environment.

Essence Festival is broken up into 7 parts, each playing a crucial role.

Money + Power Showcase

The Durban Business Fair features the Durban Business Conference, Trade Networking, the Women Economic Empowerment breakfast, The Property Summit, Entrepreneur Master Classes and the Durban Business Fair. The fair will provide businesses an opportunity to network and meet potential buyers, from both local and international markets. For more info visit

Music and Entertainment

Essence Festival has it all: welcome parties, concerts featuring the Essence All Star, Essence All Star Gospel, entertainment workshops, and a free Centre Stage with live music and entertainment performances and interviews at the Durban ICC and Durban Exhibition Centre

Fashion, Beauty and Style

Pamper yourself with fashion and beauty makeovers and showcases and make sure to visit the Durban Fashion Fair Pop-Up Shops and fashion show. Designers from across the continent will be showcasing and selling their products.

Lifestyle & Wellness Experience

Experience the property expo, travel advice and Essence Fitness at Durban’s finest beach, which features fitness workouts from celebrity fitness experts, and healthy living tips designed to help you lead your happiest life. For more info on Property Expo visit Url to be provided by IMG


Taste the Flavours of Durban and see celebrity chefs prepare their specialty dishes. Also featuring cuisine for Durban Sister Cities.

Arts, Crafts & Culture

The Durban ARTiculate - Art and Book Fair is a top cultural destination. Come enjoy demonstrations and celebrate cultural authenticity and shop at the Essence Festival Durban Market.

Tech Village

The Technology & Innovation Pavilion will be front and center to continue the commitment in supporting the technology development and career ambition of the audience. A zone with technology SMMEs, during Festival weekend, learn about local and community technical organizations in the Durban Exhibition Center. Explore what these organizations are doing to advance technology.