7 Reasons He Didn't Call (That Have Nothing to Do with You)

Here are seven reasons why a man might not call you back -- and none of them have anything to do with you being inadequate or not enough.

Abiola Abrams Jul, 21, 2016

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Yes, my gorgeous one. It happens. You are not for everyone. And that’s a good thing. There are people who don’t eat fried chicken (gags, raises hand) and there are folks who despise chocolate cake. No matter how beautiful, intelligent, kind, witty, and fi

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There are some men who will look at you at you in all of your glory and say, “Yes! This woman is so phenomenal that she makes me want to do better.” Then there are some men, or shall we say boys, who will be terrified by how much you have going on. These

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Sometimes the timing is just not right. People deal with grief, career challenges, financial issues, and life changes. You may be the perfect person at the wrong time. We are all human. Sometimes a man may not be calling you because he is dealing with thi

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Listen up, gorgeous. Facts are facts. Some people cheat. Maybe this man was putting the moves on you and when stuff got turned up remembered that he was already in a relationship. Maybe he met someone the same time he met you and she was a better match. E

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Repeat after me: Man’s rejection is God’s protection. This man could just not be into commitment. It happens. It’s better that you figure it out sooner rather than later. Let him go on with his bad self and you go and get your life. It would be extremely

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Life happens. Perhaps his career and kids are taking up all of his time. Maybe this guy feels like he will get around to calling you at some point. You have to ask yourself, if someone doesn't have time for you, would you want to be in a relationship with

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We all have had clueless episodes in our lives. Right now there is someone who is probably lusting after the splendor of YOU and you have no idea. This guy may just have no idea that you were so into him.