Concealer should be one shade lighter or the exact color of your skin.  Concealers should match your undertone, so if you have more yellow in your skin, it’s best to use yellow-based concealers. If you have pink undertones, use red-based concealers for the appropriate matching technique.

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Isn’t inclusion gorgeous?

Jascmeen Bush
Sep, 22, 2016

This article originally appeared on Hello Giggles.

You know the feeling when you hear about a new foundation.

and you’re so pumped to try it...

like literally, YOU ARE LIT.

You head to Sephora and uhhhh...WHERE ARE THE BROWNS?

Peach, check. Off- peach, check. Slightly tan, check. Actually tan, check. But honey, where is the almond, cocoa, and ebony? If you know the feeling of being totally left out of a foundation range, this news from Kat Von D will perk you up.

Kat has just expanded her Lock-It Foundations to include a whopping THIRTEEN new shades!


Isn’t inclusion gorgeous?

Hopefully more brands will follow in Kat’s lead. In the meantime, shop Kat Von D’s full coverage Lock-It Foundations for $35 each at and