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The singer describes the painful and tumultuous lead up to the hit single and its album After the Storm.

Sydney Scott
Aug, 23, 2016

In a heartfelt note to fans, Monica revealed the tumultuous and painful lead up After the Storm and its hit single, "So Gone," which has seen a recent resurgence following the #sogonechallenge.

"After the Storm 2003 the album really was me after the hardest times in my life.. The storm had passed, I was focused, faith renewed & back to being me..." writes the singer in a post shared on Instagram, "I lost family & host of friends , Witnessed a suicide, lost my grandmother & cousin, naturally I became very sick. Yet I still gave to everyone. Even the ones selling stories about me. Nothing was ever enough , I was lied on and drug thru the mud but never lost my ability to love.. After the Storm I sang all about it."

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"So Gone" was the album's first single, a commercial success that reached No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Recently, a new generation has discovered the song, using it in the viral #sogonechallenge, where fans rap over the song's beat. Monica addressed the challenge, writing, "For a different generation to be introduced to it now my heart is overwhelmed."

For Monica, After the Storm was and "still is a part of my testimony" and her hope is that others will discover the album and find hope. "My sincerest prayer is that it reaches somebody in the midst right now & gives them hope to make it thru the storm.. This album was after my test & still is a part of my testimony.. God always shows favor when your heart & intents good."