The mass shooting that deliberately targeted law enforcement during a protest in Dallas against the police killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling rocked the nation. The fatal incident left a total of 5 police officers, the shooter and 1 civilian dead, while at least 11 others were treated for non life-threatening injuries. Protests of solidarity from police forces across the country erupted in the days following the incident. The shooting marked the height of tensions between civilians and police communities across the country in 2016, as a result of continued police brutality incidents involving African-Americans.
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During a peaceful protest held in Dallas, TX to recognize the lives of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, one man took it upon himself to violently avenge their deaths in addition to the many others lost at the hands of law enforcement over the years. 

Rachaell Davis
Jul, 08, 2016

As tensions continue to remain high in the wake of the unjustified police killings of two Black men within a 48-hour time span, chaos has erupted in Dallas, Texas.

Hundreds gathered in downtown Dallas on Thursday evening for a peaceful protest in response to the killings, but the scene turned chaotic when shooters opened fire on local law enforcement who were on hand to oversee the protest. Multiple video clips posted to social media late Thuraday evening just after 10pm EST saw protestors screaming and scattering in horror as shots rang out from unidentified areas. 

As of Friday morning, NBC News has reported 12 police officers in total were shot, with five confirmed dead. A total of four suspects were apprehended in connection with the attack, one of whom opened fire on police and was killed shortly after.

More Black Men Killed by Police; When Will It End?

Dallas Police Chief David Brown claims the now-deceased suspect told officers said he aimed to "kill white people, especially white police officers."

One African-American man who was not involved with the shooting in any way was wrongfully identified as a potential suspect early on and even had his photo released to the media, but was later found to have been incorrectly targeted as a suspect. 

Investigations into the deadly incident are currently ongoing, with much of the downtown Dallas area currently in lockdown. Police in other major U.S. cities are also said to be on high alert in light of the attack. Both President Obama and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings have spoken out to condemn the shootings, with the POTUS calling it a "vicious, callous and despicable attack.

The shootings mark the deadliest day for law enforcement in the United States since September 11, 2001.

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