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Black Twitter is back at it again!
Jul, 05, 2016

The experience of attending a Black church service is truly second to none and those who have firsthand experience can attest to several common occurrences that are known to make it that much more memorable for more reasons than one.

Over the holiday weekend, the #GrowingUpInABlackChurch hashtag surfaced on social media and per usual, Black Twitter had plenty to add to the conversation. 

Here's a look at the best of the #GrowingUpInABlackChurch tweets. Can you relate to these?

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch When your mom whoops you in the bathroom and then you back in the sanctuary traumatized

— Rev. Melech Thomas (@RevMelech) July 4, 2016

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch how the members of the church look around when they ask if there are any 1st time visitors

— Kevin Durant (@ThatCaliSigma) July 4, 2016

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch How Ushers lead sumbody back to they seat after they done shoutin

— C.H.E.B.B.A (@THETRUEDEZmond) July 4, 2016

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch When Your The Pastor's Kid So You Get Privileges And Lowkey Stunt On Your Friends

— The Mogul Minute (@TheMogulGirl) July 5, 2016

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch When a hood dude comes to the altar to rededicate his life to God

— ap. (@whtaprilsaid) July 3, 2016

" #GrowingUpInABlackChurch
When the pastor says he's almost done & you hear someone yell "Take your time pastor""

— Mimshak (@sjabulisodube) July 5, 2016

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch When the pastor releases the children from the main congregation to go to Sunday School

— Lil'Bo Peep (@CellusDaMenace) July 5, 2016

That One Guy

— The Mogul Minute (@TheMogulGirl) July 5, 2016

The preachers kids the most turnt but sit in service like this every Sunday #GrowingUpInABlackChurch

— The Real Daquan. (@PatrickPaigeII) July 4, 2016

When the pastor says "The doors are open" & you gotta pretend like you've been up listening

— alysse107.7 (@alysseepooh22) July 5, 2016


There's Bound To Be A Singer That Can't Sing But Manages To Get The Mic Every Sunday

— The Mogul Minute (@TheMogulGirl) July 5, 2016

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch when you trying to leave and your parent won't stop talking

— Chaveze™ (@ThatKiddTyray_) July 5, 2016

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch how the pastors looks at the congregation while the choir sings

— Chaveze™ (@ThatKiddTyray_) July 5, 2016

Pastor: I'm not gone hold y'all long.
My grandma: Take ya time pastor!

— (@yagirlchris_) July 3, 2016

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