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Now that Hamilton has won every Tony Award known to man, elementary school kids that used to throw gum in your hair and college besties are coming out the woodworks for tickets from their actor friends. But Audra wants to make things perfectly clear: she won't be helping you.

Toni Akindele
Jun, 17, 2016

Yes, Hamilton is a wonderfully successful Broadway production. Yes, tickets are expensive and difficult to come by. No, Audra McDonald cannot, I repeat, cannot get you Hamilton tickets.

Six-Time Tony Award Winner Audra McDonald Graces First ESSENCE Cover!

The Broadway star, who holds the record for the most Tony Awards won by an actor, tweeted Thursday,

People are getting desperate apparently and trying to hit up Broadway connects to see this play. Sorry (insert name here), unfortunately, Audra McDonald cannot be of service. We suggest entering in the raffle.

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