Solange knows when that hotline blings it can only mean one thing.

This might be the best thing you see all day! 

Julee Wilson
May, 24, 2016

We knew the second Solange Knowles started Snapchatting we would be hooked. An intimate glimpse into her day-to-day awesomeness is almost too good to believe. So far she's taken us into the studio where she's working on her forthcoming album and we've even been privy to a FaceTime convo with her hubby. But the best moment thus far goes this gem:



Yup, that's Solo conjuring up her #blackGirlMagic to turn a few otherwise trash-bound, plastic dry cleaning bags into a chic (albiet see-through) ensemble that we're pretty sure we'll be trying to recreate ASAP. 


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